Activity Stats

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Monitor the progress of your Instagress activity.

The Activity Stats page gives you all the information you need to monitor your automated activity on Instagress including total posted Likes, Comments, Follows and Unfollows, as well as gained followers, and even used time.

How to use Activity Stats

Access an overview of your Activity Stats by clicking the “More” dropdown next to a username on your Instagress Dashboard.

You can also access your Activity Stats by clicking on the upper right of your Activity page.

On your Activity Stats page, you can see the total number of actions Instagress has completed for your account. As you know, each time you Start and Stop your Activity on your Activity page, your counters will reset. However, total actions are catalogued on your Activity Stats page, such as: Total Likes, Comments, Follows, Unfollows.

Additionally, the Activity Stats page gives you a detailed breakdown of your used time, which is handy for your records — Total Time used.

Last, but not least, the Activity Stats page shows your total followers gained during your time using Instagress — Total Followers gained.

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