Target Instagram media tagged with a geolocation

Targeting Instagram users based on Locations is a great way to interact with Instagram users who have tagged their media with a geolocation.

It's important that you do your research to ensure that you're targeting high quality accounts. Instagress works best when you engage in high quality targeting.


Locations refers to the geolocations users have tagged their photos with. There is no guarantee these users reside in a specific area, as many tourists geotag their photos while traveling.

Select targeting source

In order to Like, Comment, or Follow based on Locations, select Targeting source: Locations in the Targeting. Then, scroll down to Locations to input all of the locations that you want to target.

Locations search

It’s easy to search and add multiple Locations in the Add Locations popup. First, be sure to enable location access in the popup in your browser.

Next, search for a location, or zoom in and out of the map to find Locations. Then, check the boxes next to geolocations you want to add.


You can search again without needing to close the popup. When you’ve added all the Locations you’d like, scroll down and click the green Add button.


Targeting media by locations means that your Instagress Activity will interact with other Instagram accounts based on the locations you select.

Instagress works best when you select high quality locations that fit your niche. Learn more about researching Instagram locations here.

!Important information

Add at least one location to get media from if you are using Locations as your Targeting source.

Please note that sharing your geolocation must be enabled in your browser to use this feature.

You can add up to 100 locations.


If you’re a local coffee shop in Phoenix, AZ, you may want to add your own location to target your own customers. You could also add similar coffee shops in Phoenix, AZ to target people who have visited your competitors’ stores.

If you’re looking to target people in a specific city, you could add popular locations in that city such as restaurants, bars, music venues, attractions, and more to attempt to target locals.

Delete all Locations at once

If you’re ready to test a new group of geolocations, and want to easily delete all your Locations in one go, simply click the drop down arrow next to the Add button under Locations. Here you can select Delete all locations.

Still have questions? Then check out our blog post about Locations. Also, take a look at New Locations Search. You are welcome to share any thoughts about this feature in the comments.

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