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With the Settings Manager, you can save certain presets from your Activity Page, in order to use them later.

This is very handy for:

  • Saving a setting to transfer to multiple accounts on your Dashboard;
  • Saving different Targeting presets for testing Tags, Locations, and/or Usernames;
  • Saving different presets for Likes, Comments, Follows, Unfollows;
  • Saving different Filters, Blacklists, and more!

How to Save/Load Presets

Save a Setting

On your Activity Page for an Instagram account you manage, click the Save/Load Settings button, which is located just below the Start button.

Here you can name and save your current Settings for later use.

Switch between your Saved Settings

Then, you can later select from your saved presets and click the red Load button to load those settings on your Activity page.

You can save and load presets across multiple Instagram accounts. This works great for social media managers who manage multiple Instagram accounts on Instagress.

Settings manager

For users managing multiple Instagram accounts, the Settings Manager button on the Dashboard will allow you to load presets onto multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously.

Now, it’s easier than ever to switch between your best Settings and load them onto multiple accounts. Simply select a preset and check the usernames you’d like to load the Settings onto.

!Important information

Don’t forget to save your current Settings before loading one of your presets. Once you load a preset, it’s irreversible and your current activity settings on selected accounts will be replaced by ones saved in the preset.


Example 1: Using presets to load settings across multiple accounts on your Dashboard

For our power users who manage multiple Instagram accounts on their Dashboard, the Settings Manager is an easy way to save certain settings and easily load them to other accounts. Now, you no longer need to waste time typing in long lists of the same tags, usernames, or locations for all your accounts. Simply, load your presets onto all your accounts.

Example 2: Using presets to test different Targeting methods

We always advise our users to test, test, test. Every Instagram account is different, and is in a different niche. The Targeting options are endless with combinations of Tags, Locations and/or Usernames (Followers, Followings, Likers, Commenters). Many of our best users test out lots of different types of Tags and compare which ones work best for them.

In this case, you could create different presets for different groups of tags. Run each preset for a few days, and then measure your growth. The same can be done for Locations, Usernames, and any combination thereof.

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