Buying Time

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Purchasing Time is fast, easy and safe.

Buying additional time

You can buy time packages for all your accounts at the same time in one convenient place during checkout. You need just to choose a time package and mark all your required usernames that you want to buy time for.

Available payment methods

You can pay by Card or PayPal.


You can choose to apply one of the following discounts to your Instagress order.

Quantity discounts are available for users who manage 5 or more Instagram usernames on Instagress.

Cumulative discounts are available for users who spend more than $100.

Read more about these discounts


You can get a refund for an unused time whenever you want. Just send us a support request and we will process it in 1-2 business days without any questions.

Still have questions? Then check out our blog post about Payment System. You are welcomed to share any thoughts about this feature in the comments.

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