Managing Accounts

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Hundreds of the world's top social media agencies use Instagress to accelerate their clients Instagram accounts.

Adding multiple accounts

Adding multiple Instagram accounts to your Instagress Dashboard is easy. Simply click Add account to get started. With Instagress you can add an unlimited number of accounts to your Dashboard.

Start/stop all accounts

The Start all/Stop all buttons are a handy way to immediately start or stop the Activity on all of your accounts at once.

Accounts dashboard

From your accounts Dashboard you can easily see an overview of all of your accounts. This is very handy for managing multiple accounts.

! Get quick stats on all of your accounts

  • Activity status: Started/Stopped/Paused
  • Remaining time
  • Likes, Comments, Follows, and Unfollows posted in your current or last Instagress Activity session
  • Date and time when your current/last Activity session was started/stopped
  • Time used in your current or last Activity session

Linked dashboards

Do you use Instagress on a particular Instagram account with a coworker or friend? Do you manage so many accounts that you're beginning to forget who has access to all of your different Instagram accounts?

Simply click on More next to your Instagram account and click on Linked dashboards to see who has access to this account on Instagress.

Account reconnect

When you add an account into our service we establish a session with Instagram using your credentials. But in some circumstances the session established earlier may be expired. Since we don't store your password in our service you need to manually reconnect your account by entering your username and password again.

To do so you need to open Reconnect dialog using More menu of account on your Dashboard page or using Reconnect link on your activity page.

!Important information

When you change your password on Instagram your session established on Instagress for your account will be expired immediately.

Account disconnect

Sometimes you no longer need your account linked to your dashboard. If so you can disconnect it from your dashboard by clicking on the link in the "More" menu of required account.

!Important information

Please, note that you can only disconnect account that has no purchased time on it, so you need transfer all your remaining purchased time to your other account linked to your dashboard.

Still have questions? Then check out our blog post about Dashboard. You are welcomed to share any thoughts about this feature in the comments.

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