Managing Time

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Instagress runs using Activity Time that you purchase for your account.

How does Time work?

With Instagress you can use your Time whenever you want. There are no limits on your Time.

When you turn Activity on, your Time is running. If you turn on Activity for 3 hours, you just used 3 hours of your Time. If you're using the Schedule and your Activity is currently paused, your Time would not be counting down. Learn more about using the Schedule on our blog.

Start, stop, pause Time

When your Time is started, stopped, or paused you will see that on your Dashboard, as well as on your Activity page. If you're using the Schedule, you will find that your Activity will be paused during the times that you did not set Instagress to run.

Transferring Time

If you're managing multiple accounts, there may be times when one account is outperforming another and you'd like to transfer Time to your optimized account. It's easy to transfer Time with Instagress. Simply click on More under the account from which you would like to do the transferring. You will see a Transfer time option in the dropdown menu.

!Important information

Please, note that you can transfer only that time that was purchased or transferred by your Instagress account.

You can find additional information in our blog post about Time transfer.

Splitting Time

You can not only transfer all Time — you can split it. For example if you have 3 accounts, you can buy 90 days for one of your account and then split it (it will be cheaper for you than to buy 3 x 30 days package). Only paid Time can be splitted/transferred.

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